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Apply for Tenant loans - We welcome homeowners, council tenants, private tenants, housing association tenants,armed forces tenants, or people living with parents. We help people from all walks of of life even people with good or bad credit history

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We welcome homeowners, council tenants, private tenants, housing association tenants or people living with parents. We help people with good or bad credit history.

Qualification for tenantloans is easy:

  1. You must be 18 or over
  2. Are employed
  3. Earn at least £500 per month
  4. Be a UK resident
  5. Have a current bank account with a debit card

Will You Credit Check Me?

No, we will not undertake a credit check on you. We will check that you live where you say you do, but we will not undertake a full credit check. Taking a loan with us has no effect on your credit rating unless you don't pay it back!

It’s really simple, click on the "Apply Now" link below and complete the short application form.
Remember to be accurate in the information you complete as any errors can cause delays.

There is no nightmare paperwork to sift through, no documents to fax or frustrating telephone calls. The service is completely online from start to finish. Once you've clicked on submit we get straight to work.

First, we assess your application internally using very clever software to make sure we are assessing your details against lenders that will consider you. Secondly, these results are passed to our industry experienced agents who make sure that the loan and lender option is the right one for you. Once this is done we will show you their details in your Personal Money Centre homepage so you can complete the tenant loans process.

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